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NAWA launches Kwalifikator tool for checking foreign qualifications and the book ‘Science in Poland in 34 Snapshots’

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange has just made available an online tool which provides advice on recognition of foreign academic qualifications in Poland.

KWALIFIKATOR is a qualifications database with online interface which presents information on academic qualifications from different countries and shows how they are recognised under the Polish law. The information helps to understand the value of a foreign qualification in the context of the Polish higher education system and learn which rights the qualification automatically grants to its holder in Poland.

On 4 December 2019 the database was officially launched during the conference „Direct to Recognition” attended by almost 150 admission officers from Polish HEIs and research institutes.

Modelled on similar solutions functioning in Sweden and Ireland, the database is adjusted to the specific conditions of the Polish recognition system.

Choosing from a drop-down list of academic qualifications typical for a particular country the user receives a structured, standardized information on:

  • the level of education in the country where the degree was obtained,
  • the rights which such a document grants to its holder in Poland with reference to relevant articles of the Law on Higher Education and Science in force,
  • link(s) to lists of recognized higher education institutions in the issuing country,
  • a link to the education system profile of the country of issue (currently only in Polish).

The functionalities of the database allow to download all the information in the form of a Recognition Statement provided in easy-to-print PDF format, with parallel texts in Polish and English. Validity and integrity of the document is ensured by qualified electronic signature of the agency.

The database is expected to help education and training institutions to determine if an applicant holds an academic qualification sufficient to start a course or programme on a particular level. Foreign students and graduates who think of continuing their education at one of Polish universities, can easily check what they can expect in terms of recognition of their current qualifications and where they fit in the Polish higher education system. Other potential users include employers and public institutions which consider the level of education as one of the factors relevant for the outcome of their official decisions (e.g. authorities granting work permits or a blue card for highly skilled employees).

KWALIFIKATOR currently covers information on 161 qualifications issued by 15 countries but the content will be further developed in the near future. NAWA recognition experts will also update it regularly to guarantee complete and accurate information that can be trusted by users.

All who test the tool are encouraged to give feedback on necessary improvements in a short survey to make it more user-friendly. The database is accessible in Polish and English at the website of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The funds for development and maintenance of the database come from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.

'Science in Poland in 34 Snapshots' - NAWA promotes Polish science

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange published the book 'Science in Poland in 34 Snapshots' which aims to present the achievements of Polish science and to promote Poland as an attractive country for conducting research and developing a scientific career to international scientific community. The book describes: scientists, research teams, R&D&I projects and research infrastructure. Visit NAWA website to download the book and enjoy reading!