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Multinational undergraduate team work

Escudeiro, N. F., & Escudeiro, P. M. (Eds.). Multinational undergraduate team work. IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-60750-983-7. Pages: 192.

Multinational Undergraduate Team Work (MUTW) is an EU-funded project focused on the development and implementation of a course to enhance the employability of students, which is understood as a key priority of the European Higher Education Area. Specifically, the aim of the MUTW project is to create an environment supporting the development of students’ soft skills, such as teamwork and communication, in an international setting by means of an innovative instruction paradigm. This book is drawn from the experiences of the first phase of the MUTW project (September 2009 - October 2011). It includes 10 chapters exploring motivation, communication and negotiation, report writing and oral presentation, open source software usage, team communication, the pilot experience and outcomes, and other relevant issues. Providing a comprehensive view of the MUTW approach, this book will be of a great value to any institution wishing to set up a similar course, module or unit, as well to those who are involved in multinational education collaboration.

IOS Press