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MSCA: International Cooperation and Feedback to Policy

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) has announced two upcoming calls for this spring, aiming to support international cooperation and providing input on the broader policy feedback process. 

The objective of the MSCA International Cooperation 2024 is to foster international cooperation in MSCA in Horizon Europe, through a dedicated support action to complement and ensure coordination between existing promotion channels at local level, and ensure consistency with formal R&I policy dialogues at bilateral and regional levels. The call is focusing at two levels:  

  • bilaterally on countries with Science and Technology Agreements with the EU and  
  • regionally on bi-regional research and innovation policy dialogues established with the African Union, ASEAN, LAC, Mediterranean partner countries, Eastern Partnership countries and Western Balkans 

Implemented activities should include policy support to bilateral or bi-regional cooperation, promotion of MSCA cooperation opportunities and cross-cutting activities such as analysing consistency with EU R&I cooperation roadmaps and action plans, dialogues and synergies with events and activities in Horizon Europe, and other programmes (in particular Erasmus+). The expected duration of the action will be 36 months with an indicative budget of EUR 2 million. The call for proposals will be launched on 14 May 2024. 

The second upcoming call, the MSCA Feedback to Policy 2024 is a pilot aiming to map areas and types of intervention for possible actions in the future that will support a broader policy feedback process, given the thematic diversity of MSCA-funded projects and their bottom-up nature. One of the objectives of this action is to support ongoing and planned initiatives focusing on exploiting and assessing the impact of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe project results in relation to thematic and cross-cutting priorities, including the EU Missions. The action also aims to assess the extent to which MSCA projects achieve two of the core horizontal policy objectives of the programme: the development of researchers’ training, skills and career and the related promotion of intersectoral collaboration. The call for proposals will be launched on 25 April 2024 and the indicative budget will be EUR 2 million.