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Movetia: 2023 Call for international mobility and cooperation projects

The Swiss National Agency for Exchange and Mobility (Movetia) has officially launched its 2023 call for international mobility and cooperation. All types of mobility activities and cooperation projects can now be carried out in Europe and beyond.


European Partners will continue to have the possibility to cooperate with Swiss institutions in the framework of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme - SEMP. The Swiss programme will continue to fund both outbound and inbound mobility from and to Europe. In addition, the new legal basis will allow support for mobility beyond Europe as well.


The European Higher Education Area remains a crucial partner for Swiss Higher Education, and the “European Universities Initiative is of high importance in this respect. The Swiss government will continue to support Swiss participation in Erasmus+ "European Universities" in 2023. The Swiss call 2023, managed by Movetia, is similar to the 2022 call.

In addition, the Swiss government will continue to support Swiss institutions that are involved in Erasmus+ cooperation projects as associate partners. Last but not least, Movetia will carry on the support to projects led by Swiss institutions and implemented with partner institutions worldwide, including Europe, through the “International Programme”.

For more information, see Movetia’s website.