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Mobility windows with a Hungarian twist

On 24-25 April, ACA’s Hungarian member organisation – the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) – hosted in Budapest a highly-interactive event under the title Impacts and implementation of mobility windows in higher education. Central and East European regional peer learning activity. The two-day workshop brought together some 40 representatives of national-level bodies – agencies, ministries of education, quality assurance bodies – from Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania. ACA members Archimedes Foundation, DZS and SAIA, as well as the ACA Secretariat also attended the event.
The delegates discussed and brainstormed, aided by the latest online technology, about national practices on the topic of mobility windows, i.e. on the curricular embeddedness of international mobility periods. Inspired by the Hungarian example, they also reflected on the ways in which national-level actors could and should support higher education institutions in the integration of mobility windows in the curricula, both through the legislative frameworks, as well as through appropriate funding and awareness raising activities. Last, but not least, the participants explored the potential for regional collaboration and peer learning in the area of mobility windows.
ACA warmly welcomed this productive and very collegial exchange, and hopes this was only the first of other regional seminars to come.