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Mobility rates and internationalisation index of Swiss HEIs

Movetia's latest publication: “Mobility Rates and Internationalisation Index of Swiss Higher Education Institutions” addresses a wide range of questions, such as which Swiss higher education institution has the highest mobility rate or which internationalisation factors are most encouraging for student mobility.

According to the ACA member, the average mobility rate for Swiss higher education institutions is 15.7%. This means that approx. 8 300 of a total of 53 000 students, who graduated in 2020 spent a semester abroad or completed an international internship during their bachelor’s or master’s degree, with the stay lasting at least three months and/or earning them at least 15 ECTS.

In addition to the individual mobility rates per institution, an internationalisation index was developed, for the first time in Switzerland, with the aim of identifying internationalisation factors that help increase student mobility.   

There is a significant correlation between the mobility rate and the degree of internationalisation of a higher education institution: The most international higher education institutions have the highest mobility rates. An in-depth analysis of the correlation between mobility rate and internationalisation index identified the following key factors acting as catalysts for mobility:

  • Integrating international elements into study programmes
  • Fostering an international study environment
  • Offering attractive conditions for incomings

The report ‘Mobility Rates and Internationalisation Index of Swiss Higher Education Institutions’ provides detailed results per higher education institution as well as additional information. You can find it here.