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Mobility: Closing the gap between policy and practice

Colucci, E., Davies, H., Korhonen, J., & Gaebel, M. Mobility: Closing the gap between policy and practice. European University Association (EUA), Brussels, 2012. Pages: 92.

This report presents the results of a two-year pilot project, Mapping University Mobility of staff and students (MAUNIMO), developed by the European University Association (EUA), along with four universities (University of Marburg, University of Oslo, Swansea University and University of Trento). The MAUNIMO project aimed at offering a university perspective on academic mobility and related data collection. This resulted in the development of an institutional self-assessment survey tool, the Mobility Mapping Tool, which was tested on 34 universities in 21 countries. Some of the results include the general interest of institutions in cross-institutional approaches to mapping mobility and data collection, the low awareness of many academic staff regarding the internationalisation strategies in their institutions and the need to strengthen the links between bachelor/master students’ mobility and doctoral students’ mobility.