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Mapping internationalization on U.S. campuses: 2012 edition

American Council on Education (ACE). Mapping internationalization on U.S. campuses: 2012 edition. Author, Washington, DC, 2012. Pages: 29.

Released only last week, the 2012 edition of Mapping internationalization analyses progress and trends in institutional internationalisation efforts over time. The survey was first introduced in 2001, repeated in 2006, and most recently in 2011 when ACE surveyed 3 357 institutions. The report provides a comprehensive source of data on internationalization in US higher education across all sectors including two- and four-year, public and private, degree-granting institutions.

The survey assessed a variety of aspects of campus internationalisation and is based on ACE’s comprehensive internationalisation model consisting of six interconnected dimensions:

  • Articulated institutional commitment
  • Administrative structure and staffing
  • Curriculum, co-curriculum and learning outcomes
  • Faculty policies and practices
  • Student mobility
  • Collaboration and partnerships