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Mapping Australian higher education 2014-15

Andrew Norton, Ittima Cherastidtham, Mapping Australian higher education, 2014-15, Grattan Institute, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-925015-62-1. Pages: 102.

This report - the third in an annual series - paints a general picture of Australia’s higher education and higher education policy. Australia has 40 full universities, and around 130 other higher education providers, with their revenues in 2012 exceeding AUD 26 billion. This makes higher education a significant industry, with domestic enrolments growing strongly and international enrolments recovering from a downturn, being China the single largest source of students. Also online enrolments have grown rapidly in recent years, but the distinctions between online and on-campus are blurring. Other aspects covered by the reports are: higher education workforce, student satisfaction, transitions from university to career, income differences between graduates and non-graduates and among graduates from different universities, and university financing. An interesting recent development highlighted  by the report is the plan of the Government to bring students at non-university higher education providers into the public funding system, to remove regulations setting maximum fees, and to charge real interest on student debt. If passed, these changes will have big implications for higher education providers and their students.

Read the full report: Grattan Institute