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Making Peru more English-speaking

This month, UK Higher Education International Unit and the Peruvian Ministry of Education signed an agreement aimed at bringing closer the two countries, and to increase the spread of the English language in the Latin American state.  The agreement is mainly composed of two parts.

First, it provides for a postgraduate scholarship scheme for Peruvian students to study in the UK. The scheme is particularly addressed to Peruvian students with limited economic means, funded by Peru's National Programme for Scholarships and Educational Loans (PRONABEC). With the agreement, starting from the upcoming Autumn between 50-100 Peruvian students will study at UK higher education institutions in its first year, with the possibility of expansion over the next five years should the scheme prove successful. 

Secondly, the agreement secure that UK education agencies, educational institutions, and companies will provide support and technical assistance to Peru in order to support its stated ambition to become 'bilingual in English' by 2021. The initial steps foreseen for this year are to help improving learning outcomes in English in Peru's secondary schools by training 200 Peruvian teachers in the UK and 1000 teachers at teacher development summer schools run by UK organisations in Peru, and a committing to send 500 British teachers to teach in Peru.