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Make it work! Integrating virtual mobility in international work placements

Vriens, M., & Petege, W. V. (Eds.). Make it work! Integrating virtual mobility in international work placements. EU-VIP project, Leuven, Belgium, 2012. ISBN: 978-9-0811-4805. Pages: 62.

This publication presents the results of the two-year EU-VIP project (Enterprise University – Virtual Placements), implemented by 16 partner organisations across Europe. Funded by the European Commission, this project aimed to explore the possibilities offered by virtual mobility for supporting or even enabling international work placements. In total, 19 pilot projects were conducted as part of this project.

Addressing all three stakeholders of the international work placement process (students, higher education institutions and companies), this manual focuses on the practical aspects of how to integrate virtual mobility activities in international internships. First, the concepts of virtual mobility and international work placements are clarified, and their overall importance in light of the learning mobility objectives defined at the European level is highlighted. Secondly, this report provides a description of a general framework required for organising virtual(ly supported) work placements. Key elements of this framework (pedagogical foundations, different stages of the work placement process and the technology necessary to support international internships) are reviewed in the study. Finally, this manual tackles evidence-based conditions for success (student characteristics, commitment of all actors, etc.). Major conclusions are also presented in a short guide available in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian and Polish.