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Looking forward to December: ACA discusses academic mobility

Learning mobility is an important way in which young people can strengthen their future employability and acquire new professional competences, while enhancing their development as active citizens”. So goes the language of the most recent initiative for higher education of the European Commission, Youth on the Move, which continues to endorse the value of mobility for individuals and for European society at large. Because of the relevance and importance of such potential impacts, supporting the mobility of students and academic staff has long been a priority on the European higher education agenda.

Despite the high level of attention and ongoing commitment to support this phenomenon by actors within the European higher education community at all levels, there are still many questions to be answered and facets of this phenomenon to be explored. And, what better occasion to do this than at the ACA European Policy Seminar on 3 December? This one-day Brussels event, titled Mobility under the magnifying glass: New insights, old challenges, future perspectives, will bring together practitioners, policymakers, higher education experts and researchers, and representatives of student organisations to look at, amongst other things: mobility trends and the caveats of international student mobility data; recent (and forthcoming) mobility policy developments at the European level; country and institutional profiles and approaches; and much more. A host of renowned speakers from Ulrich Teichler (INCHER-Kassel), to Ulrich Grothus (DAAD) and Bernd Wächter (ACA), to name just a few, will guarantee the high quality of this event.

We warmly invite you to join us for the day! And remember, subscribers to the ACA Newsletter-Education Europe are entitled to a discount of EUR 20 off the participation fee for this seminar.

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