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Lithuania: reforms in higher education

The Ministry of Higher Education and other stakeholders in Lithuania are currently devising a much needed university reform strategy. Many different policy papers with different positions have been prepared, including motions to raise tuition fees. This would hopefully raise the quality of studies by increasing competition between universities. The reform, if adopted, will be implemented starting September 2008, and should:
  • changes the governance of universities and colleges;
  • give wider autonomy to institutions allowing them to dispose their income according to their needs;
  • state that the best students wouldn't have to pay for their studies- universities are going to have a right to estimate the price for studies, starting at 571.43 Euro and not  exceeding 1 428.6 Euro per year;
  • establish a state fund of loans that should be accessible for every student, without interest rate, that covers the whole tuition fee.
Currently there are 15 public and 7 private universities with a total of 140 thousand students. According to national statistics, Lithuania has one of the highest percetages of enrolled students yet investment into higher education is of the least in the EU. Speech President of Lithuania
Education reform in Lithuania