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Lisbon Agenda to address skills, education and training : tender construction sector

In line with the efforts under the Lisbon Agenda to address skills, education and training issues, this recently solicited study specifically addresses the construction sector, with its slow uptake of new research findings and work methods and low rate of productivity growth compared to most other sectors. Considering the very large number of SMEs (small medium enterprise), including micro-enterprises and the self-employed, in this sector, particular attention should be given to improving skills shortages. The contractor will be asked to consult available studies undertaken in EU countries and elaborate at least 3 plausible and distinct scenarios for the development of skills needs in the medium term (5–10 years). The study will involve the consultation of a range of public and private social partners and stakeholders in the construction sector, at all relevant levels. It will have to develop conclusions and suggestions reflecting how small and micro-enterprises can upgrade skills by improving the uptake of useful innovations, new technology and new work methods. Deadline for application: 4 June 2007 Budget: 250 000 Euro DG Enterprise