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Linnaeus-Palme international exchange programme

The International Programme Office for Education and Training (IPO) in Sweden has just finished the 2007-2008 selection round of the Linnaeus-Palme programme. Out of 310, 259 projects were approved. An impressive budget of 4,4 million euros will be distributed for cooperation with higher education institutions (HEIs) in 49 countries. This is an increase compared to the current academic year, 2006-2007, for which 209 projects were approved (3,6 million euros for cooperation with 43 countries). Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for teachers and students at undergraduate and master level in higher education. The programme aims at strengthening co-operation between Swedish higher education institutions and developing countries and ultimately deepening global contacts in the world of higher education. Some facts and features of this programme are:
  • South Africa, China and India are the most frequent countries with which Swedish HEIs cooperate;
  • Most projects address?medical sciences followed by social sciences, engineering, technology;
  • Linnaeus scholarships are for Swedish participants going abroad since it was the custom of Carl von Linn? to send his apprentices out into the world in order to gather information;
  • Palme scholarships are for foreign students from developing countries as Olof Palme was deeply concerned by developing countries and their opportunities for learning.