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Lessons learned by OECD

OECD : Learning Our Lesson. Review of Quality Teaching in Higher Education. Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE), Paris, 2010. ISBN: 9789264079281. Pages: 113.
The premise of this study is that leaders and academics can improve the quality of higher education teaching, and thereby the quality of their graduates, by reflecting on institution-wide practices. This book explores the interplay between actors within institutions, organisational structure, commitment of senior leadership, involvement of faculty and students, and evaluation instruments. Based on an OECD review of 46 quality teaching initiatives in 20 countries, the report highlights the significant impact of the institutions’ environment, trends in the quality of academia, teaching methods and learning conditions. The book also attempts to analyse the effects of quality teaching on institutional leaders, faculty members, quality units and students.

The book can be purchased both in print and PDF version from the OECD online bookshop.