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Leiden Ranking 2015: Old order restored

Last year’s second-placed MIT tops the 2015 list, although the institution has fallen in the proportion of publications among the top 10% in the field. This year, this figure for MIT is lower than in 2014 (24.8% compared to 25.2%). 

A big leap, however, can be noticed for the Israeli Weizmann Institute of Science, last year’s number 22 and this year’s number 10, which makes it the only non-US university in the top 10 clique. One place below it, just like last year, is the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which went up from the 23rd to the 11th place. Other non-US high-scoring institutions are the all-time classics from the UK and Switzerland: the Oxbridge couple, and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and ETH Zurich. Thus the number of non-US universities among the top 25 again remains at 6.

Overall, there are 285 representatives from Europe this year, with the largest contribution, in absolute terms, from Germany (47), Italy (33) and France (23). After the US, China is again the country with most institutions on the Leiden list and seven more than last year (90).

More or less, no major reshuffling of universities occurred this year, but there are a few methodological novelties. What the ranking offers this year is the option to do trend analysis based on the bibliometric data from earlier than 2010-2013 period. Another addition to the 2015 edition are two new indicators relating to the proportion of publications: PP(top 1%) and PP(top 50%). This means that, apart from the possibility to rank universities on the basis of citations in the top 10%, this comparison can be made more exclusive or expanded to top 50% in the respective field.