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Learning through Engagement Lab

ACA is part of the consortium of the Enriching Communities through Engaged Mobilities project (ECEM) which is hosting the "Learning through Engagement Lab", taking place from the 5 to 7 October 2023, in Berlin. The event is targeted to students/student representatives, higher education staff and civil society organisations.

The lab will be an opportunity to explore the potential of stronger collaborations between community organisations, students, and universities to address local needs effectively, and delve into transformative and innovative solutions to societal challenges through co-creation within the framework of community-engagement learning programs for international students. 

Why Should You Attend?

Imagine the possibilities if community organisations and universities worked and collaborated more actively together to meet local needs. This lab offers a unique opportunity to uncover the potential impact of such collaborations. Whether you are developing community-engagement and service-learning formats, working on projects with challenge-based learning, or engaged in community-based and participatory research, this event is tailored for you.

Consult the agenda below, read more information about the Lab, and apply by the 6 August