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Learner relationships in global higher education

Killick, D., Foster, M. (2021) Learner Relationships in Global Higher Education. Routledge.

Providing the academic community with a robust and highly practical insight into the importance of implementing relationship building into the learning environment and experiences of all students, underpinned by current research, this volume explores intercultural learning and critical pedagogy in the borderless university.

By revealing cutting-edge theoretical perspectives and practices which can facilitate critical connections between; diverse students, their learning, curriculum, each other, and their communities. Learner Relationships in Global Higher Education integrates academic and student perspectives on relationship development into academic practice. Drawing upon case studies and examples of good practices from across the globe, this book illustrates how practitioners in diverse contexts are designing student experiences in face-to-face and online contexts on- and off-campus to advance learner relationships. By situating this work in a critical pedagogy perspective, the book advances internationalisation in and for a global and multicultural world.

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