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Launch of multilingualism dissemination project

TNP3-D, a network project for the decentralised and centralised dissemination of TNP3 results and outcomes, was launched on 27 January at the Freie Universität Berlin. TNP3 (Thematic Network Project in the Area of Languages III) is a project under one of 20 Erasmus-Socrates Thematic Networks dealing with different aspects of Humanistic Arts and Sciences. This particular project promotes the maintenance of linguistic diversity and the development of greater multilingual communication and competence in Europe. With the new European Commission Directorate for Multilingualism, this action area is receiving more and more attention.

Programme coordinator Freie Universität Berlin has overseen both the project initiatives and now the dissemination of the project results. The launch meeting brought together over 70 academics from various participating universities across Europe, dedicated to improving language teaching and methods within the European Community. TNP3 essentially explored four themes:
  • Skills and competencies for language-related industries and professions
  • Current and future linguistic needs of graduates on the European and international labour market
  • Consultation and collaboration in the area of languages between HEI’s and other providers
  • Arabic languages and Culture
The results will be disseminated via a new and improved website, four regional conferences, and one final centralised conference in Brussels later this year. TNP3