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Launch of Global Internship portal – new partnerships connecting talent to worldwide opportunity

EFMD and HigherEd have come tougher in a strategic partnership and launched ‘The global internship portal’ that will facilitate an effective connection between companies, business schools and their top talent worldwide.

The new platform will provide each school in the EFMD network with a personally branded internship career portal and give companies access to a select pool of international talent that matches their target group. It incorporates the unique feature of allowing organisations to follow target students throughout the lifecycle of their specific education and career paths.

On the other side, students from EFMD member schools will have the opportunity to create their own and customised career portal, which is built on their interests and educational background. The platform will be based on preferences tailored to individual students and linked to their education track, to then in turn find the best match with companies’ targeted recruiting preferences.  

Drawing on the 600-business institution strong network of EFMD, combined with the  Norwegian start-up’s –HigherED AS - expertise  in developing platform and community solutions for the education industry, this new initiative aims to create access to a pool of three million international intern prospects, making ‘it the largest and most targeted’ recruitment tool available to date.

This new partnership seeks to introduce innovative features into the world of graduate and career portals, by connecting a large number of talent and employers in a single global recruitment hub and by opening up new international placement possibilities for students.  Offering free participation in the initiative to full EFMD member schools and corporates - will frame quality standards, but also mark the diversity of students participating, and somewhat  define the global reach of the platform to an ‘’exclusive pool’’ of outstanding international talent.

EFMD – press release