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Last but not the least, STUDY IN ACAdemy visited Latin America

On 24 March, the STUDY in ACAdemy online marketing webinar series visited Latin America, a region  Czech universities have identified as of high interest. Despite Zoom fatigue and COVID lockdown, the webinar was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of 40+ and two lively speakers Susanne Faber from the University of Giessen and Juan Pablo Juárez Castro from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Following the STUDY IN ACAdemy recipe, the webinar packed in a good mix of information, insights (both personal and professional given the rich experience of the speakers in the region) and inspirations. The final presentation by Juan Pablo comes back to the question of strategy, which nicely wrapped up this webinar series on online marketing and student recruitment.

The STUDY IN ACAdemy series is a bespoke training series for Czech higher education institutions (HEIs) jointly developed by Dům zahraniční spolupráce (DZS)’s Study in the Czech Republic programme and ACA. The series consisted of six webinars with the first four dedicated to online marketing and student recruitment. The online marketing series began with a big picture perspective of strategizing international marketing and recruitment with the application of a process-approach “the student journey” and the use of “relevant” data (by Joanna Kumpula and Queenie KH Lam) in October 2020. Subsequent webinars then zoomed into specific contexts of selected world regions and corresponding online marketing and recruitment instruments deemed essential and important for effective outreach to prospective students. The November 2020 webinar brought us to South East Asia (by Robert Coelen and Jan-Frederic Buss), the December 2020 one to Post-Soviet countries (Keit Kiissel and Eveli Soo) and the last one to Latin America (Susanne Faber and Juan Pablo Juárez Castro).

Upon the successful completion of the very well received online marketing series, the team will move on to the digitalization of internationalisation activities in autumn this year with two more webinars. ACA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers of the marketing series mentioned above and the colleagues from DZS (Jakub, Soňa, Klara, Radka) for this journey of exploration and experimentation together. In every crisis, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow together. To Czech university colleagues, see you Zoom again in the new STUDY IN ACAdemy series in autumn!   

For more information about ACA’s bespoke online training series, please feel free to contact Ms Courtney Hartzell, ACA’s Communication Officer supporting the series, via email (