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Labels for good use of mobility facilitating tools

On 11 June the European Commission awarded 65 institutions from 16 countries with European quality labels, in recognition of the implementation and use of mobility facilitating measures. Labels are awarded for ‘excellence in applying’, either the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) or the Diploma Supplement (DS). Ten institutions received both labels this year. The European Commission intends to organise annual application rounds for the ECTS and DS labels in the coming years.

The main criteria for the ECTS label is the correct use of the credit system for mobility (transfer of credits), and in particular that: 1) all relevant information for foreign students is available in English, and 2) the individual files of incoming and outgoing students are complete. The Diploma Supplement label is awarded to institutions which have shown that they provide the Diploma Supplements to students in a correct way: 1) they comply with the standard Diploma Supplement model, 2) all students receive a copy of the Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge upon graduation, and 3) the Diploma Supplement is issued in a widely spoken European language and, if so wished, in another language.

For a full list of institutions awarded please see the link below.

European Commission