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Just a legal change? The ÖAD GmbH

Based on a decision by the Austrian National Council, the Austrian Academic Exchange Service, ÖAD, which is legally listed as an association under Austrian law, will become a GmbH (a company with limited liability owned by the state) as of 1 January 2009.

The Minister of Science and Research, Johannes Hahn, explained in his statement that the “ÖAD GmbH will become one of the most crucial players in the emerging mobility and HR strategy“. The organisation is expected to be one of the centerpieces in Austria’s efforts for internationalisation and innovation.

Quite surprisingly to some, Hubert Dürrstein, the current ÖAD president, has been appointed the managing director of the new entity (for information on M. Dürrstein, see the January issue of the ACA  Newsletter – Education Europe). So, even though the legal change will entail many more practical ones, there is at least one indicator of continuity.