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Joint Research Center promote collaboration with Switzerland

Within the 7th Framework Programme, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), a research-based policy support organization of the European Commission, is looking to further collaborate with Swiss entities from academia, industry and administration. For that reason, an infoevent was held on 16 March in Brussels to present JRC’s activities in specialised institutes in five countries, the largest of which is in Ispra near the Swiss Italian border. The event promulgated:
  • support of the European policymaking process through research and acquisition of the scientific and technological know-how needed to implement and further develop EU law;
  • an open dialogue among different entities to identify potentially interested partners;
  • further collaborations within the 7th Framework Programme.
Dependent on networks and synergies in the research community, JRC mainly focuses on research areas such as safety and security issues, sustainable development, food, chemical products, health, and nuclear safety. Press release