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IUP Conference series: competence development as workplace learning

Chisholm, L., Fennes, H., Spannring, R. (eds.), Competence development as workplace learning, Innsbruck University Press 2007. ISBN: 978-3-902571-25-0. Pages: 162.

This publication looks at how working places might best be educationally (re-) constructed as learning spaces for developing competences for professional but also for public and private life.

The contributions from European countries such as Austria and Denmark as well as from China and Malaysia are the outcome of an international research seminar held at the University of Innsbruck in September 2006 within the framework of the Asia-Europe-Meeting Research and Education Hub on Lifelong Learning (ASEM-LLL), in particular its research network on competence development as workplace learning, in which the eight participating countries are currently represented.

IUP (Innsbruck University Press) is the scientific forum of the University of Innsbruck, Austria. The Conference Series, which was started in 2005, comprises a vast variety of topics which is characteristic of the university’s subject offer.

University of Innsbruck, IUP