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Italy recieved the G8-Unesco world forum on higher education

The G8-Unesco world forum on higher education research and innovation was organised this month in Trieste, Italy. The goal of the forum was to generate high-level discussion of concrete initiatives on the interconnection between education and scientific research from the perspective of sustainable development. It was planned to identify risks and opportunities for industrialised countries as well as developing and low-income countries on higher education and research areas. The event brought together researchers, government representatives and entrepreneurs from 60 countries, both from industrialised and developing countries that urged scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs to map out an action plan for the group of eight. The forum had a special focus on Africa with a session on “science, technology and innovation: perspectives for Africa,” showing the continued interest of G8 countries and Unesco in the economic development of the continent. This session underlined the key challenges for the international science community and the global community in general to take advantage of the rapidly growing capacity in science, technology and innovation. The forum built on the discussion launched last year at the St. Petersburg summit G8 forum
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