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Global survey shows changing opinion on value of degrees

According to the latest Global Learner Survey from Pearson, a British-owned education publishing and assessment service to schools and corporations, conducted in June 2020, three out of four people believe education will be fundamentally affected by the pandemic.

While in China, India and Brazil, people still value traditional degrees; the survey reveals that in countries such as the UK or the US, people are increasingly turning to the belief that they don’t necessarily need a degree. Indeed, an increasing number of people believe that a college education is not as attainable anymore. This tension has only increased due to the current pandemic and its resulting situations.

Among the main findings of the survey, there is however rising trust and confidence in education systems but learners are demanding more equity in education, believing that the access to it isn’t as equal as it should be. The pandemic made that inequality in education even stronger, with respondents saying that if online learning is here to stay, they want it to become a better experience. There is also pressure on education coming from the trust in inspires to guide people through the pandemic and beyond.

The survey can be found here.