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Ireland unveils ambitious Global Citizens 2030 Strategy

In a significant move to position Ireland as a global leader in talent and innovation, Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris TD, launched the "Global Citizens 2030" strategy. This comprehensive initiative, rooted in the idea that “today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders,” is structured around six key pillars, each strategically designed to elevate Ireland's standing on the world stage. 

The strategy's pillars include making talent and innovation central to Ireland’s global footprint, becoming a premier destination for international learners and innovators, fostering global citizenship in diverse workforces, enhancing European influence in education and research, embarking on a new era of collaboration on the Shared Island, and establishing thought leadership in talent, innovation, and science policy. 

At the heart of the initiative are flagship initiatives aimed at driving global excellence. These include the appointment of Talent and Innovation Attachés, the introduction of the International Education Mark (IEM) to ensure education quality, deeper engagement in the European Universities Alliances, and the "Innovate for Ireland" partnership fostering collaboration between industry and government to address global challenges. 

The strategy sets ambitious growth targets, aiming for a 10% increase in international students, researchers, and innovators by 2030. The approach emphasises a balanced growth strategy, aligning national recruitment targets with institutional frameworks. The International Education Mark serves as a quality benchmark, ensuring the credibility of Irish education providers. 

The focus on collaboration is underscored by the appointment of Talent and Innovation Attachés in key regions, collaboration with industry to recruit high-calibre PhD students, and increased mobility and exchange schemes, particularly with the UK. 

Measuring success is a crucial component of the strategy, with performance indicators tracking international student satisfaction, employer approval of graduate competencies, and mobility rates. 

For further insights into Ireland's new approach to talent and innovation on the global stage, consult the full strategy document.