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Investing in European Research: Strengthening the university-industry link

The Commission has presented an integrated research and innovation action plan, which builds upon but also reaches beyond goals such as the 3% GDP investment in research by 2010. The plan clarifies how research and innovation can be linked with the conditions in which research becomes an economic value and commercial success.

Chapter 3 of the plan strives to overcome limitations in university-industry partnerships. It recognizes that research collaboration and knowledge transfer between Public Research Organisations (PROs), particularly universities, and industry are one of the weaknesses of the European research and innovation system. The Commission plans to adopt EU guidelines to improve the dynamic.  Further, the “Industry-academia partnerships and pathways” mobility scheme under FP7 will address the weakness by increasing knowledge sharing through joint research partnerships, supported by the recruitment of experienced researchers, staff secondments, etc. In the context of the new Framework for State aid for R&D, the Commission will clarify the issue of university-industry partnerships as regards State aid rules.

Commission communication: More Research and Innovation
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