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Interregional cooperation on recognition of higher education qualifications

The Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education came into force on 5 March 2023, becoming the first legally binding United Nations instrument on higher education, fostering international mobility and opening up increased opportunities for students and qualification holders worldwide.

A step towards worldwide cooperation in higher education and academic mobility between different regions, the convention marks a decisive turning point on the road to more inclusive and equitable higher education and a world where students can easily move around and across borders to pursue their studies.

Nevertheless, the entry into force of the Convention is just the beginning of the process. For the actual implementation of the provisions and principles of the Convention, there is a need for different joint activities and platforms to enforce the recognition for interregional mobility.  

In this framework, ACA's member, Education and Youth Board of Estonia (HARNO) and its unit, the Estonian Academic Recognition Information (Estonian ENIC/NARIC) is a partner institution in the RecoASIA project, supporting the strengthening recognition between Asian and European regions. The emphasis is on collecting and publishing information on higher education systems and providing training courses to share experience on credential evaluation and recognition practices. The next training course will be hosted by HARNO in Estonia with the focus on implementation of the Global Convention, information provision, micro-credentials and recognition tools. 

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