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Internationalising students in the home country

Adinda van Gaalen, Sjoerd Roodenburg, Hendrik Jan Hobbes, Daan Huberts, Renate Gielesen, Studenten Internationaliseren in eigen land, NUFFIC, Den Haag, 2014. Pages: 33

A new study on Internationalisation at Home in Dutch higher education institutions, undertaken for the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science, has been published by Nuffic.  The study has been prepared upon request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and serves as input for the Ministry's post-2015 strategic agenda. The document also features concrete recommendations on policy measures and other incentives that could be taken by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Nuffic, umbrella organisations and other parties in support of national efforts.

The recent publication, which represents the Part II  of a broader study, offers suggestions for  higher education institutions and study programmes to intensify and expand 'internationalisation at home' activities, which help the students who spend the full duration of their studies in the Netherlands to acquire international and intercultural competencies. This second report is a supplement to the Part I, the outcomes of which have been used as input for the Ministry’s Vision on Internationalisation. Whereas Part I focused exclusively on policy, this second part offers a broader picture, outlining the practical implementation, including recommendations at the institutional, programme and National level.

Read the full Report: NUFFIC (in Dutch)
Read the English summary of the report: NUFFIC