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Internationalisation of universities: An overarching institutional strategy

Blossfeld, H.-P. et al. Internationalisation of universities: An overarching institutional strategy. The German Action Committee for Education, Munich, 2012. ISBN: 978-3-8309-2735-8. Pages: 134. This comprehensive report published by the Aktionsrat Bildung, an independent body which brings together a variety of experts on education. The authors look at internationalisation at German institutions from a number of different angles, and analyses the current state of the play. The overall assessment is positive with progress noted in areas of mobility as well as international collaboration.

The committee also issued a number of recommendations for the future. The most important ones include: increasing the number of students with higher education degrees as well as government-funded places for students, improving the completion rates, and reversing the ‘brain drain’ of researchers and increasing the attractiveness of the profession, while at the same time increasing the number of international academics working in Germany. The committee further advised that the HRK internationalisation audit should be supported until all universities in Germany have taken part, and suggests that additional funding be made available for other internationalisation initiatives.

Aktionsrat Bildung (in German only)