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Internationalisation of European Higher Education: an EUA/ACA handbook

ACA is proud to announce a new publication. 9 September will be the launch date of Internationalisation in European Higher Education, a handbook jointly edited by ACA and the European University Association (EUA) and published by Raabe Academic Publishers.  Specifically designed as a source of information and reference, it will serve as an essential guide to developing and implementing internationalisation strategies and measures at an institutional level. The handbook focuses on the key issues of practical relevance in relation to European higher education and displays them in the context of global developments and overarching policy processes. In addition, it will facilitate discussions on the goal of internationalisation. Covering the whole spectrum of internationalisation issues, the handbook will pay special attention to internationalisation policies and strategies; partnerships and alliances; research and innovation; teaching and learning; information; promotion and marketing; and the future of higher education internationalisation.

The publication will appear as a loose-leaf collection of articles, as well as a CD-ROM. The ‘basic edition’ of articles (about 420 pages) will be delivered from 9 September onwards. In the course of 2008 and 2009, three further instalments – of about 150 pages each – will follow. The handbook can be obtained from Raabe publishers, as well as from any bookshop. 

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