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Internationalisation in higher education for society (IHES)

We would like to draw your attention to the major publication that just came out. The publication, commissioned by German ACA member DAAD, is entitled Internationalisation in higher education for society. It has been authored by Uwe Brandenburg, Managing Director of the Global Impact Institute in Prague, as well as Hans de Wit, Elspeth Jones and Betty Leask. The conference at which the study will be the centre-piece and which will bear the same name and will take place from 22 to 24 April of this year in Prague. The opening keynote speaker will be Dorothea Rüland, the Secretary General of DAAD.

Internationalisation in higher education for society is a reaction to the woes and challenges of our age, such as climate change, populism, xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, populism, to mention but a few of the many named by the authors. These phenomena are of course also discussed by academia in general, and by those in charge of internationalisation in particular. But the discussion has not spread beyond academia, it has not reached out to society at large. Internationalisation must get ‘engaged’, by joining forces with ideas, activities and concepts such as community outreach, social responsibility, social engagement and service learning, to some up briefly the intentions of the authors. The study provides a definition of IHES, its basic concept and rationale, a typology and examples of different variants.

The publication


IHES conference