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Internationalisation at home training course in Hungary

Internationalisation at Home (IaH) entered the vocabulary of higher education institutions and became a crucial pillar of internationalising universities some 20 years ago. Preparing students for a global world through an internationalised curriculum is the main purpose of IaH. On 12 and 13 December 2018, the Tempus Public Foundation organised a workshop in Budapeston the concept and the implementation of IaH, in cooperation with the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA).
International office staff and academics of Hungarian higher education institutions participated in the two-day training course.The tools and strategies presented and discussed were aimed at empowering and inspiring participants to find their role in the process of IaH and help them to develop the steps for their own implementation process.
The IaH training was delivered by two trainers of the Academic Cooperation Association: Elisabeth Brunner-Sobanski from FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences, and Bernd Wächter, Director of ACA. The participants were also made aware of misconceptions of IaH and encouraged to identify their already existing activities in the field. In the group discussions they identified different stakeholders in their own institutional context, and explore their roles and opportunities in implementing IaH in their institutions.
The training was an important step in emphasising the importance of IaH in the Hungarian context, and TPF intends to give further support for the implementation process in Hungary through offering training courses and providing a platform for the topic at national and institutional level.