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Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education

Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education (1st Edition) - Robert Coelen, Cate Gribble (eds.)

Providing an analysis of the relationship between Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education, this book presents the perspectives of both students and employers to illustrate how to reach positive employment outcomes for all stakeholders. The two editors, Robert Coelen (Professor of Internationalisation of Higher Education at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) and Cate Gribble (Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of Research Strategy at the University of Auckland, New Zealand) consider the skills developed by students through mobility experiences, while exploring the need for enhanced internationalisation of the curriculum at home.

Through a wide range of international case studies, this book delivers some key messages, including:

  • The articulation of the link between internationalisation and employability;
  • The need for higher education institutions to communicate the benefits of an internationalised higher education beyond the academy;
  • The need to ensure equity of graduate outcomes through enhanced internationalisation at home;
  • The impact of immigration policy on national benefits of internationalisation of higher education;
  • International study as a route to employability for migration purposes and building knowledge-based economies.