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International students help boost Estonian economy

In the previous academic year, international students and graduates contributed over EUR 23 million in taxes to Estonia's economy, as per Statistics Estonia and the Education and Youth Board (HARNO). The newly issued report showed that despite a decline in international degree students, they paid EUR 16.6 million in income and social taxes in the academic year 2022/23, and graduates from the year before contributed EUR 6.9 million. 

Over half of international students worked during their studies, with many being professionally active in fields like ICT, engineering, and business. Notably, 70% of international ICT students were employed during the academic year 2022/23. 

The report highlights a shift towards more international students in educational institutions, particularly universities. Eero Loonurm of the Study in Estonia/HARNO credits universities for attracting international students and promoting Estonia's higher education globally. He also emphasised that besides contributing to the labour market, international students stimulate local economies by paying tuition fees, using local services, and fuelling tourism. Their economic impact significantly outweighs the state's investment in their education. 

For further details, visit Statistics Estonia's website.