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International Student Barometer (ISB) Project – 2010: A National Report

Varghese, M, Brett, K. International Student Barometer (ISB) Project – 2010: National Report. Universities Australia, 2011.

As national higher education systems seek new ways to modernise and internationalise, the experiences of students—particularly international students—are oftentimes neglected in the discourse among key higher education stakeholders such as universities, national agencies and lawmakers. With this in mind, Universities Australia has unveiled its second annual report on the expectations and experiences of international students at Australian universities. The publication relies on an internationally-used survey instrument, known as ISB, which was administered to international students in Australia between March and May 2010. The main findings of this survey indicate that, on a national level, international students are generally satisfied with their Australian university experience. Nonetheless, there are some areas, including financing and careers, that fall short of international students’ expectations and are less well-regarded aspects of the international student experience in Australia. As the Australia dollar continues to fluctuate (partly due to the world economic crisis)  the report stresses that Australia must find innovative ways to continue to attract international students, as its  higher education industry accounted for 0.76% of the nation’s GDP in 2009 alone. This new report is just one of the many ways Universities Australia is working to draw attention to Australia’s positive international profile as a desirable destination for internationally mobile academic talent.

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