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International Handbook of Universities 2016

The International Association of Universities (IAU). International Handbook of Universities 2016. Palgrave Macmillan, September 2015. ISBN: 9781137439949. Pages: 5464. 

The most comprehensive guide to university-level education worldwide, providing detailed information on higher education institutions that offer at least a post-graduate degree or a four-year professional diploma. The 27th edition includes single-user access to the IAU's online service The World Higher Education Database, for 12 months from publication date (see front of book for unique access code). 

Representative: Over 18,000 institutions in over 180 countries listed alphabetically, including a division by Private and Public Institutions where available

Authoritative: Information selected according to official sources in each country and collated by the International Association of Universities/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education 

Up to date: Information provided direct from institutions as well as from national higher education authorities to create an unrivalled, annually updated reference source. Palgrave