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International directory of higher education research centres and programmes

Higher Education: A worldwide inventory of centers and programs (revised edition). Altbach, Philip G., Bozeman, Leslie A., Janashia, Natia and Rumbley, Laura E. Boston College Centre for International Higher Education (CIHE), September 2006.
The commercial edition is available at SensePublishers, AW Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The book, which is a revised and extended edition of a previous inventory from 2000, comprises three main sections:
  • an international inventory of 199 centres, programmes, and agencies related to higher education worldwide,
  • a list of 191 journals in the field of higher education research worldwide.
The international inventory, alphabetically organised by country, is updated with data until the spring of 2006. It is global in scope but also gives significant representation of the US for their indisputable advance in research and training.

Readers from developing countries can order the book free of charge from the CIHE.