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Intensive Programmes in Germany

The German National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation within the DAAD, which is responsible for the Erasmus Intensive Programmes (IPs) in Germany, has just issued its latest publication on IPs, entitled “Looking at the Wider Picture: Erasmus Intensive Programmes. Selected contributions”. Intensive Programmes represent one of the means to promote and increase Erasmus mobility in the Bologna age. They are short study programmes, ranging from two to six weeks, that bring together students and teaching staff from different higher education institutions from at least three Erasmus countries.

By gathering a wide range of expertise from different disciplines and stakeholders across Europe and by presenting 30 IPs that have been selected in Germany for 2008-2009, the publication gives a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of this Erasmus programme line in Germany. The growing numbers of IPs, as highlighted in the report, show an increasing interest in these European interdisciplinary networks and study programmes.

The publication is available for download on the website of the DAAD’s National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation and can also be ordered by e-mail.

National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation