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‘Innovative New Zealand’ to attract world-class entrepreneurial researchers

New Zealand is ready to boost the entrepreneurial drive of its higher education institutions. With the launch of its newest initiative – ‘’Entrepreneurial Universities’’- the government plans to attract world class researchers to the country, spilling out NZ$35 million (22.7 million EUR) in support over the coming four years.

To advance the innovation system, reinforce the rise of excellent start-up’s, build the hi-tech sector,  and raise capacities for research,  the ‘’Entrepreneurial Universities’’ initiative is anticipated to integrate 15-20 top researchers and their teams from around the globe in New Zealand’s university landscape, for an initial placement period of three to five years.

The government welcomes all the universities to take part in the bid, upon which it will enter into a 50/50 partnership with successful applicants - entailing universities to match funding and equally attract and support nominated academics from oversees. The programme, for which University of Auckland played an initiating role, will lean on similar approaches around the world (such as UK,US) as prototypes.  

This newest surge of establishing entrepreneurial research and learning competences in universities, is set within the frame of the ’’Innovative New Zealand’’ package that holds a budget of NZ $761.4 million (495 million EUR), to be invested over the next four years in 25 initiatives in the areas of science, tertiary education, skills and regional development.

This new cooperative, government-university venture will play a significant role in the next years in recruiting, retaining or bringing back excellent expatriated researchers to New Zealand, grow the counties international profile and boost existing top research programmes. But it also adds another competitive based funding framework to the landscape, that seeks to define its best institutions and brightest minds.

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