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Innovation, research and development at the Spring European Council

While the European Council meeting held in Brussels on 8 and 9 March 2007 mostly targeted the hot issues of climate change and energy policy, it also emphasized innovation, research and development, crucial components of the Lisbon Strategy. With regard to education, heads of state and government highlighted the Education and Training 2010 agenda as integral to the 'social dimension' of the Lisbon Strategy.

Though education and training always seems to merit some degree of reference, this particular Council meeting spoke more poignantly and precisely about education in the context of research innovation, implying it to be a current policy priority. As such, ministers invited the Commission to put forth proposals for joint technology initiatives in strategic sectors and initiatives for community involvement in research and technology development programmes.

Key messages and objectives of the Council in areas of innovation and education were:

  • mobilise additional resources for research, development, and innovation activities;
  • improve the framework conditions for innovation such as competitive markets;  
  • support continued reform in education and training, the prerequisites for a well-functioning knowledge triangle (education - research - innovation);
  • ensure cooperation and technology transfer between public research and industry;
  • encourage the European Council and Parliament to take a decision on the European Institute of Technology by the end of the year.