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Information project on the Bologna Process: final reminder

The European Commission has released a public tender entitled Information Project Higher Education Reform II (Lisbon Strategy and the Bologna Process). Building upon the currently active network of Bologna Promoters (higher education professionals across Europe who disseminate information on the Bologna Process), this tender aims to develop materials, case studies, and training seminars to encourage the institutional implementation of reforms across Bologna countries. Such a campaign will be driven by the Bologna promoters (now entitled Bologna experts), who are to assemble national teams. The contractor of this tender must ensure the following results:
  • general awareness-raising about the Bologna Process amongst stakeholders in the 27 EU member states, the EEA countries and one candidate country;
  • maintaining mechanisms of information, communication, and coordination and ensuring the smooth functioning of the national experts.
Deadline for application: 11 May 2007 Budget: 300,000 EUR per project. Call for proposal