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Increasing diversity in international careers: Economic challenges and solutions

Belyavina, R., & Bhandari, R. Increasing diversity in international careers: Economic challenges and solutions. IIE, New York, 2011.

The World Bank’s Office of Diversity Programs has published a new report titled Increasing Diversity in International Careers. Produced by the Institute of International Education (IIE), this report aims to shed light on the barriers facing U.S. minority students entering the field of international affairs and international development. Specifically, this study points out that while an unprecedented 3.7 million students around the world currently cross international borders to obtain higher education and international experience, participation by American minority students in international education opportunities and in international careers has stagnated over the last decade.

In its analysis, this publication draws on the findings of academic and industry reports, national data sources on minority students in higher education and the expertise of leaders in U.S. higher education. Finally, the report refers to a range of innovative programmes and valuable resources that can help address this problem and offers specific recommendations for future action in this area.