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Inclusion & Diversity for KA1 evaluators

SALTO Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Training (SALTO ID ET), which is run by the Croatian Erasmus+ agency (AMEUP), published a handbook on the topic of inclusion and diversity in Erasmus+ assessments. The handbook provides guidance for assessment of KA1 mobility projects in the fields of school education, vocational education and training and higher education. 

The need for this handbook emerged from a growing recognition of the importance of inclusion and diversity within the Erasmus+ landscape. Its purpose is to help assessors to recognise and reward organisations which positively and effectively address inclusion and diversity in their funding and accreditation applications. In addition to highlighting why inclusion and diversity is important, the handbook also provides an insight into what evaluators should look for and how this might be positively reflected in a written assessment. National agencies can utilise the handbook for training evaluators, ensuring that assessment processes are conducted with sensitivity to diverse perspectives and needs. Evaluators, in turn, can employ the handbook as a valuable resource when assessing project proposals. 

The development of the handbook is part of SALTO ID ET’s wider efforts aimed at promoting and strengthening the inclusive dimension of the Erasmus+ programme. Among these efforts is also a plan to complement this handbook by developing an e-course for external assessors by the end of 2024.