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Impact assessment for institutionalised European partnerships under Horizon Europe

European Commission. (2021) Impact assessment for institutionalised European partnerships under Horizon Europe. Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union.

This Impact Assessment Study intends to assist with the preparation of the European Partnerships under Horizon Europe. Its primary objective is to support and provide inputs to the impact assessments of the 13 Candidate Institutionalised European Partnerships. The methodological framework, common to all impact assessments, reflects the Better Regulation Guidelines and operationalises the selection criteria for the European Partnerships set out in the Horizon Europe regulation. The data collected and their analysis allow for the assessment of four options and the identification of the best option to address the foreseen challenges.

The Impact Assessment Study also includes a horizontal assessment of the coherence and efficiency in the implementation of European partnerships. It formulates recommendations for the refinement and operational design of the criteria for the selection, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and phasing-out of the European Partnerships. Finally, an impact modelling exercise estimates the potential for longer-term economic and environmental impacts of the Candidate Institutionalised European Partnerships, for all initiatives combined and each initiative individually.

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