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IIE’s “BRITE” idea

On the heels of the first-ever US-India higher education summit this month – as well as the reported adoption by the Indian government of the National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (in which American community colleges are particularly interested) – ACA’s US member, IIE, has advanced a new India-focused initiative of its own. The Business and Research Internships for Technology and Education (BRITE) programme has been launched under the umbrella of the US State Department’s Passport to India initiative, and seeks to popularise India as a destination for students from the United States as well as specifically promote opportunities for US undergraduate and graduate students to engage in internships in India in key sectors. Currently, fewer than 3 000 US students study in India annually; in contrast, more than 100 000 students from India study in the United States each year.

Although aligned with official objectives focused on India, BRITE is a private sector effort. To this end, IIE is currently seeking sponsorship of between USD 25 000 and USD 100 000 (EUR 17 800 - 71 200) from potential partners in support of the project.

IIE US Department of State Chronicle of Higher Education