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IIENetworker, Spring 2017 – The Power of International Education

Instiutute of International Education (IIE), IIENetworker, Spring 2017 – The Power of International Education

IIE’s twice yearly magazine, IIENetworker, has just been released. This new issue explores from  the perspective of IIE experts how the organisation is collaborating with partners around the world to expand international opportunities for all.

Features on IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund, Diaspora Fellowship Program, as well as WeTech and TechWomen initiatives explore the power of international education to create safe havens for academics around the world, leverage brain circulation, and expand opportunities for women and girls in the global economy. The issue also highlights what institutions are doing to successfully meet their Generation Study Abroad goals to increase and diversify study abroad participation. The publication further highlights the groundbreaking work of recipients of the 2017 Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education.

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